Frequently Asked Questions

How do refunds work?

Academy Hacker offers a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. Just email [email protected] with the info about your purchase and we will work to get you refunded as quickly as possible.

Can I view this content offline?

Unfortunately no. Currently, all Academy Hacker courses need to be streamed via a suitable Internet connection. If you absolutely need the course content downloadable for some type of major project please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will work our hacker magic.

Do you offer closed captioning?

No sorry! Currently, we do not offer closed captioning or subtitles for any courses on Academy Hacker.

How do I contact your team about an issue with my course?

Please if you have any issues with your course hit us up at [email protected]. We are happy to give refunds or give you additional courses for free to make sure you love your Academy Hacker experience.

Is there additional supplemental material provided for the course?

It depends on the course. Some courses mention supplemental material and others do not. If your course requires supplemental content please reach out to [email protected] and we will figure out a way to get you the assets you need to make the most of the course. Our goal is to help you level up in whatever skill you are studying and if the supplemental material is needed to help your skillset improve we will figure out how to get you these assets.

Where are "My Courses"?

All your purchased courses are under the My Courses tab.

Make sure you are logged into the correct account.

Are your free courses truly free?

Yes absolutely. Free courses are our gift to our students. We will continue to add as many free courses as possible to the platform in order to help you level up your skillset.

How do I reset my Academy Hacker password?

You can request a new password HERE. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

If you have any issues getting your new password just email [email protected] and we will take care of you.

Is Academy Hacker only for evil hackers?

Haha. Hacker has many definitions. A few of those definitions are:

  • Hacker: An expert at programming and solving problems with a computer
  • Life Hack: a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently

Academy Hacker is a place to learn how to accomplish your goals in an efficient manner. Coding, business, fitness can be hacked in order to fast track your desired results. Therefore Academy Hacker is a place to study techniques and tactics for getting things done.

How do I change my billing information?

If you would like to update your credit card information

1) Log into your account using the email and password you used when purchasing your course.

2) Hover your mouse over the icon at the top-right corner of the site.

3) Click "Add / Change Credit Card " from the drop-down menu.

4) Enter the new information and click on "Update Credit Card".

Will I continue to have access to the course even after I complete it?

Yes. You will continue to have access to the course after you complete it, provided that your account’s in good standing, and Academy Hacker continues to have a license to the course. So, if you wish to review specific content in the course after you finish it, or take it all over again, you can.

I bought the course on sale. Does this affect how long I have access to the course?

No. Your access to a course is not affected by the price you paid for it.

Do free courses offer lifetime access?

Yes. Students also receive lifetime access to free courses, provided their account remains in good standing and Academy Hacker continues to have a license to the course.

What if I used an instructor coupon to purchase the course? Does lifetime access still apply?

Yes. Students receive lifetime access to an Academy Hacker course regardless of what price they paid, or whether they used a coupon to enroll or not.

How long do I have to complete an Academy Hacker course?

As noted above, there are no deadlines to begin or complete the course. Even after you complete the course, you will continue to have access to it, provided that your account’s in good standing, and Academy Hacker continues to have a license to the course.

How do I unsubscribe from Academy Hacker promotional emails?

  • Go to the top right of the screen and click on your icon.
  • Then navigate to and click “edit profile”
  • Then select the checkbox to opt-out of promotional emails