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The technology world is awash with web developers. While this means there are plenty of new and exciting developments and creations emerging on a regular basis, it also has a downside. For an employer, it can be difficult to find a really, REALLY good web developer. Knowing a few different web app frameworks and libraries are guaranteed to get you noticed, and one of the most beneficial choices around is Vue.js. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get up and running.

Take your Web Development Skills to the Next Level

  • Learn fundamental Vue.js concepts
  • Utilize Vue.js in your web applications
  • Build a fully functioning application from scratch with Vue.js
  • Create instances, learn about single page apps, and more
  • Upgrade your web development skills

Everything You Need to Know About Vue.js

This Vue.js online course teaches you the core skills you need to know to utilize reactive components in your web applications. Each aspect is taught in a hands-on manner, so you’ll not only get to grips with the fundamentals but have a crystal clear idea of how to use them in your own projects.

The only requirements for this course are a working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, access to a computer, and a desire to learn! After a very brief introduction, you’ll get started with data handling. You’ll add data structures, learn about data binding, get to grips with render listing and computed values and more.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics you’ll move on to the really fun stuff. Binding classes, isolated scopes, advanced shopping cart functionality and various other cool features are covered. Then it’s on to even more interesting elements like resource libraries, data, and arrays

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to implement functionality that is expected in all top-class, modern applications. You’ll be using Vue.js as a solution to everyday web development tasks to make your apps easier and more dynamic. And lastly, you’ll know every step to take to start creating applications from the ground up with Vue.js.

What is Vue.js?

To put it as simply as possible, Vue.js is an advanced web app framework architecture. Think of it as another Laravel PHP or React.js. It provides reactive components for modern web interfaces. Basically, it’s a simple but powerful library for building cool web stuff. Any web developer who knows their stuff will know Vue.js, so if you’re not one of them now is time to get up to speed.

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Highly recommended. Purchase if you need to learn data-binding, Vue, or plan to eventually learn Angular. Knowing Vue is a good stepping stone for complex JS libraries or leading MVCs. VueJs is an incredibly important JS library to understand if you're using the Laravel MVC framework. Lawrence has provided an expanded course herein, beyond his other 1.5 hour Udemy VueJs introductory course. This course fills a much needed vacuum in available instruction on Vue Js. For many, starting with Angular, Ember, React, Polymer, etc. is a very daunting task. Vue provides a softer entry into the world of data-binding, and of course it's baked into Laravel Spark now, if you're looking at that. Vuecasts is a start but, to be blunt, what's out there is more theoretical, less practical. Lawrence's proficiency as an instructor is clear here. He has full mastery of this Js library, enough to make the cost of the course very worthwhile. As I will be forced to use Vue in a current project, and despite the strong support of another well known Udemy instructor who teaches Laravel+Angular, that's not for me right now. As i'm using Laravel Spark (tightly bound to Vue), I need to understand Vue (don't want to reinvent the wheel to Angular2). So, this course and the other VueJs course by Lawrence were hugely helpful to me. To be sure, Lawrence is a technical teacher. Don't expect humor. He's a teacher's teacher, and for this purpose -> you want to master a JS library -> this is exactly what you want. Real world examples, high quality instruction, discussion of multiple ways to solve challenges, all best practices programming. If you want to learn Vue, this is the best course on Udemy at this time. In terms of what's available on vuecasts, this is at or above the level of any other professionally produced e-learning content. Lawrence, keep filming. Your work is hugely appreciated. -A Fellow Developer

-Marcus Simpson

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